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L.A. County

In 2020, 2 million voters approved an investment of $900 million for community services and alternatives to incarceration: affordable housing, good-paying jobs, mental health, and more.


It’s now 2022—and we are still waiting for full funding.

Tell the L.A. County Board and the CEO to fully fund the voter approved Measure J.

What we want?

Full funding now

No less than $900M and greater transparency

Investing in affordable housing, mental health, youth mentoring, job training, and re-entry services are proven methods to address the root causes of crime. Voters agree. Yet, a bureaucratic and non-transparent process is holding up the community investment.

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How does it work?

Bringing Measure J to life

We must hold decision makers accountable to the voters

Measure J was a mandate for the future of L.A. County. In implementation we bring to life the Care First vision for Los
Angeles that is rooted in stopping jail expansion, jail closure, and shifting resources to support the needs of Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

Through implementation, we hold the Measure J Advisory Committee, the L.A. County CEO, and the L.A. County Board of Supervisors accountable to ensure they listen to the will of the voters. We bring this accountability through implementation, which is the process for how funding is allocated through Measure J. Our work in implementation includes:

  1. Coalition Engagement

    Working closely with our neighbors, partners, and advocates, we meet regularly to deepen our collaboration and work hand-in-hand to ensure the fidelity of Measure J and all Care First initiatives at the Local and State level.

  2. Policy Research and Strategy

    We convene in workgroups to research key issue areas, develop policy recommendations, and create strategies for bringing Measure J to life.

  3. Advocacy at all levels

    We advocate for our Care First vision before the Measure J Advisory Committee, the L.A. County CEO, and the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

Who is behind it?

Meet the movement

The re-imagine l.a. coalition

In unprecedented times, we need structural change. Re-Imagine L.A. County is a coalition of advocates, community organizations, and neighbors supporting Measure J to prioritize health, housing, and jobs.

For decades, L.A. County’s budget has directed money away from Black, Brown, and low-income communities and allocated it in ways that negatively impact these same communities.

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Get Involved

Join us to advocate for change

In implementation, the Measure J Advisory Committee created subcommittees focused on key issue areas related to direct community investment and alternatives to incarceration.


In Los Angeles County, there are 60,000 of our neighbors who are currently unhoused. This is unacceptable, and we must work harder to provide access to safe and affordable homes for everyone.

Education access & youth development

Our youth are the future of L.A. County. We need to prioritize investments that uplift and center youth experiences and voices. A system that spends $800,000 to incarcerate one youth is not just a just system. We must do better.

Diversion, Health, and Behavioral Health

It is critical to improve the care transitions for those re-entering the community, including building out the care capacity and fostering innovative care models that support their transition. This includes expanding access to harm reduction and trauma-informed services in health care, substance use services, and more.


People exiting the carceral system experience significant barriers to re-entering society, including finding employment, meeting probation requirements, securing housing, and managing health and medical needs. We need investments that support their transition.

Economic Opportunity

Ensuring L.A. County residents, particularly Black, Brown, and low-income communities, have access to career pathways, job training, and small business opportunities is important to helping these communities build wealth.