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L.A. County

In 2020, 2 million voters approved an investment of $900 million for community services and alternatives to incarceration.

It’s now 2023—and we are still waiting for full funding.

Tell the L.A. County Board and the CEO to fully fund the voter approved Measure J.

We are excited to announce the release of

The 2023-24 Care First Budget Report

Our coalition tackled the 1000+ page LA County Budget to bring you the Care First Budget Report, an analysis of the spending the LA Board of Supervisors has approved for this fiscal period. Did the Board decide to shift investment away from systems of harm and into our communities? Did they uphold their “Care First, Jails Last” promises by reflecting our values through our County budget?


What do we want?

Full funding now

Nothing less than $900M and full transparency are both means to an end. And that end is: Investments in community services.

For too long County budgets have been created without meaningful public input and oversight, creating both the perception—and reality— that budgets prioritize the needs of elites and of special interests—not the people.

Despite a clear voter mandate to invest $900 million annually in affordable housing, good-paying jobs and mental health, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors and County CEO have only invested 21% of this amount in community services to date.

Our communities are struggling and can’t tolerate any more delays. We need direct investment and services now.

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Next steps

Full funding for our communities

Demand full transparency. Hold decision makers accountable.

Measure J was a mandate for the future of L.A. County. In implementation we bring to life the Care First vision for Los
Angeles that is rooted in stopping jail expansion, jail closure, and shifting resources to support the needs of Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

Through implementation, we hold the Measure J Advisory Committee, the L.A. County CEO, and the L.A. County Board of Supervisors accountable to ensure they listen to the will of the voters. We bring this accountability through implementation, which is the process for how funding is allocated through Measure J. Our work in implementation includes:

  1. Advocacy

    We advocate for full funding and full budget transparency before the Care First Community Investment Advisory Committee, the L.A. County CEO and the five-member L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

  2. Engagement

    We are holding town hall meetings giving people an opportunity to engage directly with coalition leaders and the Board of Supervisors.

  3. Amplification

    We bring greater attention to how underfunding and over-policing disproportionately impacts Black, Brown, low-income and LGBTQ+ communities and our need for increased resources and services through storytelling and mobilization.

  4. Education

    We bring visibility and awareness to the LA County budget process, in an effort to ensure the public can hold elected officials accountable effectively.

  5. Impact

    Full budget transparency will increase trust and ensure communities in need receive direct investment, services and support.

Who is behind it?

Meet the movement

The re-imagine l.a. coalition

Re-Imagine L.A. County is a coalition of advocates, community organizations, and neighbors who successfully fought for the passage of Measure J (now known as Care First Community Investment) in November 2020. Voters approved no less than a $900 million annual community investment in affordable housing, good-paying jobs, mental health services, and more.

Our coalition is demanding public oversight of the budget process that will ensure the needs of the community – not special interests – are met.

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