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The Care First Budget Survey

The County needs to hear from YOU – what do you and your family need? What does a “Care First” budget look like? What services do you want to see funded in your community?

Presupuesto Cuidado Primero

El Condado necesita escucharle A USTED: ¿qué necesitan usted y su familia? ¿Cómo sería un presupuesto “Care First” (que sitúe al cuidado primero)? ¿Qué servicios quiere que se financien en su comunidad?





In 2020, 2 million voters approved an investment of $900 million for community services and alternatives to incarceration.

It’s ALMOST 2024—and we are still FIGHTing for full funding.


How is the L.A. County budget implemented?

Implementation is the stage in which the County CEO and Board of Supervisors make key decisions regarding the region’s annual budget.

This includes what programs and services are prioritized for Measure J (also known as Care First) funding.  The implementation process includes community engagement where the public gets to voice what matters to us, having a say in what gets recommended for the Board’s approval.

Despite a clear voter mandate to invest $900 million annually in affordable housing, good-paying jobs and mental health, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors and County CEO have only invested 21% of this amount in community services to date.

Our communities are struggling and can’t tolerate any more delays. We need direct investment and services now.


Opportunities to ensure services get fully funded

It’s not enough to just pass a ballot measure. We also have to hold elected leaders and decision makers accountable to ensure the fidelity of what voters approved. We bring this accountability through implementation, which is the process for how funding is allocated through Measure J.

Implementation includes:

  • The creation of an advisory committee to help guide how L.A. County prioritizes housing, jail diversion, job training and other community resources in the budget
  • Care First Community Investment meetings where community stakeholders can provide input on Measure J implementation
  • L.A. County Board of Supervisors meetings where we can provide public comment on the County CEO’s proposed budget

In the implementation phase, the Care First Community Investment (CFCI) Advisory Committee makes recommendations based on key issue areas related to direct community investment and alternatives to incarceration.

These include:

  • Housing
  • Education Access and Youth Development
  • Reentry Health, Behavioral Health, and Diversion
  • Economic Opportunity


Each of the recommendations helps the county determine what investments to prioritize through Measure J. These recommendations are sent to the LA County CEO for consideration, and then to the Board of Supervisors for adoption. Through every step of this, we need to continue our advocacy and ensure our collective voice is heard.


Budget process

Budget process

The County budget operates on a fiscal year schedule: July–June.  Each year’s budget is created the year prior. During this time, the budget moves through multiple phases before it is ultimately adopted. 


Recommended Budget

April: County CEO presents budget recommendations to the Board of Supervisors 

May: Public hearings on budget recommendations are held

June: County CEO updates and submits final budget recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for deliberation, changes, and approval 



July, August, September: Board of Supervisors incorporate emerging funding needs and revenue estimates into budget, including CFCI Advisory Committee’s recommendations, Measure J recommendations, state budget allocations, federal budget allocations, and additional board motions.



Board of Supervisors deliberate budget changes and adopt final budget. Learn more about the 2022-2023 budget.

The 2023-24 Care First Budget Report 

Our coalition tackled the 1000+ page LA County Budget to bring you the Care First Budget Report, an analysis of the spending the LA Board of Supervisors has approved for this fiscal period. Did the Board decide to shift investment away from systems of harm and into our communities? Did they uphold their “Care First, Jails Last” promises by reflecting our values through our County budget?

Help us bring justice and equity to L.A. County

Tell the L.A. County Board and the CEO to fully fund the voter approved Measure J.

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