Participatory Budgeting

HOW WE’RE CHANGING THE BUDGET PROCESS Participatory budgeting (PB) is a democratic process in which community members decide how to spend part of a public budget. It gives people real power over real money.  When we show up at Board of Supervisors meetings to offer criticism of current policies and spending, and to uplift community […]

The People Behind the Budget

WHO DEVELOPS THE BUDGET? The Approval Process The County CEO presents multiple iterations of the budget to the Board of Supervisors (BOS): the proposed budget (January), the recommended budget (April), and the finalized budget (May). The Board approves or revises the budget in each round of approval, and ultimately will approve the budget the CEO […]

Resource Guide: Budget Basics and Timeline

DEMYSTIFYING THE PROCESS How is the Budget Created?  (timeline graphic to accompany)  The LA County Budget for 2023-24 comes in at nearly $43 billion, making it the largest economy in the United States, and the 55th largest economy in the world.  January: Each County Department submits its budget requests to the County CEO The CEO […]

Resource Guide: Power & Privilege

Power and Privilege Working Definitions Anti-Oppression: Recognizing that oppression exists in our society and actively working to combat and mitigate the negative impact it has historically had in our communities. Requires an acknowledgment and intentional shifting of our individual contribution to systems of power. Equality: this is Sameness and GIVING EVERYONE THE SAME THING. This […]

Resource Guide: Budget Terms

Unpacking participatory budgeting together L.A. County’s budget process has historically been a complicated process that has deliberately excluded robust community involvement. To ensure our community has greater tools and knowledge to mobilize for shared decision-making of the budget, we’ve compiled this list of key terms that frequently show up in the work we do. Dive […]