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Call the board

Despite a clear voter mandate to invest $900 million each year in affordable housing, good-paying jobs and mental health, the LA County Board of Supervisors and County CEO have, so far, only invested 21% of this amount in community services. And the current plan for 2022-2023 remains the same.

Call the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to demand full budget transparency and no less than $900 million annually.

Tell your LA County Supervisor: 

  • Nothing less than the voter-approved, $900 million annual community investment, and full budget transparency, will be accepted. Full investment means affordable housing, good-paying jobs and mental health services are needed most. 
  • Close Men’s Central Jail and invest the cost-savings in services is vital to meet the needs of our communities.
  • Fund Youth Justice Reimagined by shifting $75 million out of Probation to support L.A. County’s youth.

Your phone calls will ensure the Board hears our demand.